Music is another passion of mine. I love playing music as much as I love listening to it. Sometimes I write my own music, and though none of it is very good, you can find songs I've taken the energy to record here.


Still and All... Why Bother?

I realized that my hatred for Garageband came from the fact that I was using it wrong. It turns out, its forté is not in recording and editing, but in making stuff that doesn't need an instrument! I know, I should have realized its potential earlier, but I just couldn't get over the fact that so many people only use the loops that Apple has provided, and that's cheating. No exceptions. Enough about technique... This whole thing started as fooling around, finding cool sounds and mixing them together. Then I was happy with one 'song,' so I decided to make another. Then a theme started coming together, and that theme is Vonnegut. One of my favorite quotes of his is simply, "Still and all, why bother?" So I wrote the progression from asking that question, to discovering the answer. I have the beginning and the end, and I'm currently working on a middle. Maybe I have a vague idea of what contentment is, but don't know how to acheive it.. Either way, there's still a skeleton for you to listen to. Enjoy, or whatever. And remember, these are my first four attempts at writing songs in this program. I'll get better eventually.
Still and All

Footprints in the Snow

This started as a poem, and evolved into a song. It's simple, kind of boring, but hey, maybe you'll like it.


Njal's Song

I wrote and recorded this song for a school assignment. This recording was meant to be a rough draft of sorts, but I ended up not having time to rerecord it later. In any case, the assignment was to analyze Njal's Saga, one of the old Icelandic sagas, and plot it out as if it were a piece of music. I decided to write a piece and record it instead of just writing about what it might sound like. I don't think I can outline the entire plot for you, but basically, there are a lot of ups and downs, murder, bickering wives sending men to murder other men, murder, main characters dying left and right, and Skarphedin being awesome. I dunno. Just listen to it, I guess.