Poems: My Companion

My greatest friend,
my only friend...

He brought me good luck,
my faithful companion.

He would never threaten to stab me,
but I stabbed him in the back.

I had to listen to the voice.
She told me he couldn't come.
She told me he must be euthanized.
She told me he must be incinerated.

Eight out of ten engineers said
he was most likely incapable
of feeling much pain.

I don't believe that.

But regulations would not allow
for him to remain
alone and companionless.

I had to move on,
he couldn't come,
he couldn't stay.

He said he'd rather die in a fire
than become a burden to me.

So into the incinerator he went.
Hotter than hell,
at temperatures of over 4,000 degrees kelvin,
and he didn't even scream.

I euthanized my companion more quickly
than any subject on record.

I have been wrong about
every single thing I've ever done.
Including this thing.

My entire life has been a mathematical error,
but no error is so great
as the destruction of my companion.

I'm not a good person.
I know that now.

Liked by no one.
A bitter, unlikeable loner
whose passing shall not be mourned.

Shall not be mourned.

But he will be mourned.


** I hate having to make notes about my writing, but this one warrants it. It is very, very heavily inspired by Portal. Many of the phrases, word for word, come from the game. I guess I could have been more creative about it, but hey, this is over two years old at this point, so I hope you'll give me a break.

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