I'm not really much of a visual artist, but, you know... everyone dabbles in something.



Terry Gilliam's Brazil is one of my favorite movies. It has some great propaganda posters that I couldn't ever find anywhere, so I remade them for myself.


There's nothing here yet, so don't bother clicking that link. But some day, I will put something there. Trust me.


Poe-etic License

I do most of my creative work when under stress, strain, and/or obligation. This project was no different. The goal was to take three poems by Edgar Allan Poe and put them to song, and video, in order to find and reflect the deepest understanding of the poems possible, etc. etc. I take on the oh-so-clever name of Poe-etic License to try to do justice to Poe's work in an album called "Of Sleep and Dreams." It was a project for American Literature pre-1890 back at Cape Cod Community College. I got superfluous honors credit for this project and much praise from my professor at the time. Even got to present it at UMass, from where I would later graduate. Woo. So, here for your viewing pleasure, should you choose to view it all, is the final outcome of my project. Enjoy at your own risk.